Arellius Enterprises Inc.

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"Great support, expertise, and business savvy"
Controller, Financial Client, New Jersey, USA

"We had our system and improved our processes with over 1.6 million USD in cost savings, and those were not in scope of the project!!"
Engineering & Design Manager, Automotive Manufacturer, USA

"Excellent business ethics and responsibility, high quality materials, and effort to satisfy our needs at each step of the way"
Operations Manager, Pharmaceutical Client, Philadelphia,USA

"Great product and end-user support, we are extremely satisfied"
Utility Client, San Francisco, California

"Planning for a software project and finishing with a major overhaul of our business processes and
2 million USD in cost savings, what else can I say?"
Division Manager, Electronic Manufacturer, Illionois, USA

"Professionalism, honesty, and ethics to deliver a customized application in no time"
Special Projects Client, UK

"High-end consulting and way much better than any Big 4 Consulting Firm"
Software Client, San Jose, California